November 17, 2019



Shopping jewelleries online

Online shopping are a new trend nowadays. It is mostly done and suitable for those who have a busy schedule throughout. Nowadays people are also buying jewellery online as you do not have to rush to the stores and buy jewellery spending your valuable time, you can also make your purchase just sitting at home. People also buygold jewellery online. Buying gold jewellery is special as no one buy it without giving a thought because it requires a huge investment. Buying online gold jewellery has certain pros and cons but if you take some special care it may satisfy you.


  • Cost effectiveness- Online gold jewellery sellers saves the cost of overhead, electricity , store maintenance cost of the buyers and sells it directly to its buyers with varieties of attractive offers like free shipping , discounts etc.
  • Compare prices- One of the greatest advantage of online shopping of jewellery is that you can compare the prices with multiple jewellers and then make your purchase.
  • Online reviews- Online jewellery shopping comes with expert advice, rating and reviews of the customers. So you can actually get a brief idea about the product before purchasing rather than buying blindly depending upon the sales person, family and relatives.
  • Convenient- It is convenient to buy jewellery online as it saves you time and you can make purchase from anywhere at home or at work.
  • Payments- It offers you with varieties of payment mode like COD, credit card, debit card and even EMI facilities.


  • Out of stock- It happens also when we buy fashion products online. But it becomes a trouble when you have chosen something of your choice and it is out of stock.
  • Difficulty in size, shape and colour- Buying gold jewellery online may be difficult if you are having trouble in accessing the perfect size, shape or colour of the jewellery.
  • Delivery and shipping- Sometimes it may be horrifying for thecustomers if there is a latedelivery and shipping if they had made a big purchase with full payment.

Simple and attractive gold earrings

Simple gold earrings designalways enhances your look. It completes our outfit whether we are at work or at home or in any occasions. It is a very important jewellery in every women jewellery list. Here are some simplegold earrings designs with price

  • Stud gold earring- A stud gold earring is versatile, simple and elegant and it comes in variety of designs and shapes. It sits directly on the earlobes and it is wearable in any occasions and also for daily use as it goes with every outfit. It cost between Rs 9500 to Rs 11000.
  • Hoops earring- It passes through the ear piercing. It looks very classy and it is suitable for both daily use and in occasions. It comes in a circular or semi- circular designs. It will cost you between Rs 10500 to Rs 12700.
  • Drop earrings- This gives a drop look to the piece. It can be attached to the earlobes with anornament that hangs. It is a beautiful piece which goes with every outfit. It will cost you between Rs 11000 to Rs 13500.

So this article will guide youabout buying online gold jewellery with its pros and cons along with the simple gold earring designs with price if you are planning to make a purchase for yourself or to gift your dear ones at your best budget.