November 17, 2019

Having Vapor Problems in Your Diesel Engine?

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If you’ve been driving as an owner-operator for any length of time, you’ve probably had an issue with changing climates as you pull a long haul through a few different types of terrain. Moving from arid to damp, from cold to hot or vice versa, or even changing elevation can all cause your fuel to behave in unpredictable ways. This is usually because of the introduction of vapors that dilute the fuel/air mixture with other substances and introduce irregularities into your engine timing. This, in turn, makes the performance inconsistent.

Most of the time, the inconsistency is minor, and the engine might just seem fussy. Over time, though, extra wear on engines adds up, and sometimes there is enough of a vapor problem to sideline you until maintenance sorts things out. Using a diesel fuel pump that is designed to prevent irregularities caused by temperature and pressure changes, so you get the right fuel to air blend could solve this issue permanently, and it doesn’t void your engine warranty as long as you buy the right product.

Manufacturers that have limited engine warranties always put specifications on what can be altered, so finding a pump you can install with confidence is just a matter of doing the research until you find one that installs in a way that doesn’t violate the warranty. It shouldn’t be hard to find, since manufacturers of diesel pumps have an incentive to work within those limits if they want the biggest audience, and it will reduce wear on your engine and help you keep everything running smoother for longer.

Operating your own truck means understanding how an investment today increases your return over the long term. You don’t want to have to spend extra on new parts or even a new vehicle when you could just introduce system improvements that also increase your fuel efficiency, helping your bottom line. Check out your options today.