November 17, 2019

Important Tips to Secure Your Dream Life

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One thing the millennials have shown us is that you can break the mold and live your dream life. The old ways don’t work for them. Come to think of it: is it working for any of us? While technology has enabled us to have constant access to information and people that we never had before, it has also allowed the 9 to 5 grind to become the “can to can’t” grind. Everyone has your mobile number and email, translating to a 24 x 7 workday. Is this really how we want to spend our time: living for the weekend and dreaming of the 2 weeks per year that we can unplug and unwind?

Plan Carefully

Adulting takes work. Get some help. Look for tax accountant near me long island ny to get help to make sure you are taking advantage of tax credits available to you or to get advice on tax planning for the future. Pay yourself first every payday by depositing to your savings account. Pay off your debt. Make sure you have the resources that will give you more choices for your future.

Live Modestly

Do you want to retire at age 30 or 35? One piece of advice seen frequently in financial planning articles is to live below your means. What does this mean? Just because you can afford a $3500 house payment or apartment rent each month does not mean you should do it. Find something that makes you comfortable but allows you to save more. Do you have to stop at Starbucks every morning? Get your coffee ready at night before bed and splurge on your favorite frothy drinks on weekends only. You’ll be surprised how much you can save toward your dream future by cutting a few dollars here and there.

Think about the life you plan to lead and how much money you’ll need to achieve it. It’s not just about making money but maximizing what you have to ensure the life you want.