4 Benefits of Installing WordPress/ WooCommerce Fulfillment Plug-ins

4 Benefits of Installing WordPress/ WooCommerce Fulfillment Plug-ins

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WordPress is a widely used open source content management system (CMS), WooCommerce is an e-commerce WordPress plug-in. The e-commerce seller who already owns a WordPress-based website can use WooCommerce to open an online store very conveniently. But opening an online store and start promoting are only the beginning, the successful WooCommerce sellers always know the importance of customer satisfaction. In this case, installing WooCommerce order fulfillment plugin by ChinaDivision to integrate the WooCommerce stores with the fulfillment partner’s system is essential.

There are four benefits of installing WordPress/WooCommerce fulfillment plug-ins.

Fulfillment plug-ins can make up the shortage of WooCommerce. Some of the world leading e-commerce platforms (such as Amazon) have their own fulfillment service(e.g. FBA), but as a content management system, and the e-commerce plug-in for it, both WooCommerce and WordPress don’t pay attention to the fulfillment area. ChinaDivision WordPress/ WooCommerce fulfillment can make up this shortage of WooCommerce. By installing ChinaDivision WooCommerce fulfillment plug-in, the sales aspect will be integrated with fulfillment seamlessly, which brings a hassle free e-commerce business with smoother buyer experience.

Beginner friendly. ChinaDivision WooCommerce fulfillment plug-in is specially developed for e-commerce business beginners. Since WordPress is an open source system, the professional ChinaDivision development team has developed all the features and provides a zip file for the WooCommerce sellers to download freely. Upload the zip file in the WordPress Add Plugin page, then all the new paid orders will be synced to ChinaDivision fulfillment system and be fulfilled automatically.

Automated data transfer. As was mentioned above, the new paid orders will be synced to the fulfillment partner’s system automatically, so there is no need to download and transfer the order list by hand. This not only saves a lot of time, but also make it possible for the WooCommerce sellers to only focus on the core business and make more sales.

Based on a dedicated third-party fulfillment company. ChinaDivision WordPress fulfillment plug-in is not only a plug-in, but an extension of the ChinaDivision fulfillment service. It is based on the dedicated fulfillment service locates in China. The fulfillment service not only includes goods receiving, inspection, shipping directly to the end-consumers, but also includes more advanced and customized services such as kitting & assembly, brand upgrading and providing flexible shipping solutions.

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