Benefits of Hiring a Warehouse Security Guard

Benefits of Hiring a Warehouse Security Guard

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If you own or operate a warehouse, chances are potential criminal activity is a major concern. And it should be. According to recent data, cargo theft is among the most targeted options for criminals. In fact, easily accessible merchandise via cargo crates and warehouses increased 13.3% to $114 million in 2016 alone. That included over 1,600 incidents nationwide. Your business may have been safe up until now. But if your security measures don’t include experienced security guards, you’re basically playing Russian roulette with your financial future. But what can armed security guards do for your warehouse business?

Customer Service

A business won’t survive without customers, but if crime is a concern you can expect those potential customers to flock to your competitors. A trained security guard can be the ambassador to your business, work the front desk, and/or be the sentry to limited access areas. Security guards can assist customers with product locating and directions as well as escort them and employees to their vehicles. Well-trained security guards can help your business prove that it prioritizes its customers.

Warehouse Monitoring

Not all security guards work on the business end. In fact, some work solely behind the scenes to help protect and secure your livelihood. The right security guard can restrict access to off-limits locations, search for contraband, check employee or client credentials, or monitor video surveillance off-site. Specific goals may include watching for shoplifters, opening and closing the business, and after hours surveillance. Monitoring removes extra stress from the business owner and helps them breathe easier.

Theft Prevention

The simple presence of armed or unarmed security guards can easily deter crime. Most thieves opt for easy targets. They look for lack security, simple entry options, and a quick score. Studies show that visual memory is superior to auditory memory for recalling important details. So while potential criminals can hear through the grapevine that a business has security measures in place, seeing it for themselves may make them mentally block your business and focus on an easier target. Of course, external criminal activity isn’t the only problem. A trained guard can also be enough of a visual deterrent to stop employee theft in its tracks. And as any successful business owner knows, good, honest employees are worth their weight in gold.

Crime Response and Containment

Experienced security guards can have varying levels of training based on the needs of their specific job and the tasks within. Those tasks can be based on the needs of the business, and the final decision is always up to the business owner. Different options may include deciding upon armed or unarmed security guards, taking down details or calling the police, firearm mastery and protection, and on-site criminal containment or acting as a liaison for the local police. Fully trained security guards may also assist with injuries and administer CPR. It all depends on the needs of your business and the duties you want handled. When you’re ready to get serious about your business security, give us a call.