Bunk beds and games

Bunk beds and games

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Bunk beds can be shaped as pirate ships, different animals, race cars and military camps. But even if they are not, you can play games which echo the above themes! All it needs is a bit of your imagination. And maybe some accessories that are available extremely easily. Let me teach you some of the games you can play and hopefully, you will have fun.

The first game I am going to talk about is the Double Decker game. Your bed will no longer be your bed; instead it will metamorphose itself into a Double Decker whose driver will be nobody else but you. Sounds cool? Imagine taking your passenger around the make-believe city. You are at a liberty to pause as per your whims or the imaginary stops. The route that your Double Decker takes will categorically be your own. Along the way, you can present to the passengers various sights as they sit comfortably not only in the bottom but also on the top bunk. If you want a steering wheel, there is no harm in using some bucket lid! Further, sport a hat in order to add some more colours to the role-playing. Go and inquire of your father if he would like to lend you any of his old hats. I am sure you will not be let down.

The next game which I take up would be the pirate ship game. Want to know what this is about? Read on. Can you guess who will the caption of the pirate ship bed be? You are quite right, it is you. You are the one sailing across seas, seas which lay hidden enemies and dangers alike. The top bunk, right behind your back, is reserved for your crew while the prisoners stay locked in behind the bars in the ship. The prison will be the lower bunk of your bed! A bucket lid is good enough to serve the purpose of a steering wheel but what about the pirate flag which no pirate ship can do without? Such a flag can perhaps be drawn. You may do it yourself, however you may ask your parents to buy you one as well.

Do you like camping in the woods? Yes? This game is for you! It is fairly possible that you live in a locale with barely any woods. What would you do in that case? Let us see. You can, in fact, go camping from your bed itself! I will explain how this works. If your bunk bed becomes a tent, you can picture yourself in the heart of wilderness. For the sake of spicing things up, hang a bed sheet from the top bunk – in a way that it encompasses the entire space amidst the two beds on all sides. Switch off the lights, now how does it exactly feel? If you are eager to go the extra mile, experiment with a tape that play forest sounds and a flashlight that fittingly illuminate the place. Hang out with your friends inside the tent and share scary tales!