Ayurvedic Approach for Weight Loss

Ayurvedic Approach for Weight Loss

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We live in a time where every day we are inundating ourselves with a new diet or method of losing weight. All this to stay in shape, look good and stay healthy and fit. But are we really doing it in the correct manner? Is the stress of losing weight and keeping it off too much to handle and is it causing more harm than good? One of the main reasons for weight gain is stress. It leads to a host of other problems like hypertension, high blood pressure, constant headaches and heart related diseases among others. So, to stay stress free and keep your weight under check it is always advised to follow a healthy diet, a strict exercise regime and keep your mind and thoughts positive.

But how does one lose weight without losing their mind? By following the Ayurvedic approach to a holistic and naturally healthy body. Ayurveda is 5000-year-old ancient system of medicine that deals with using nature’s bounty to promote health, longevity and a balanced lifestyle. Something that is required to be followed diligently for a healthy mind and body.

Given below are few tips that you can follow if weight loss in a healthy manner is on your mind. It is derived from the Ayurvedic approach and so is free of any side-effects, will give you satisfactory results and aid you in keeping the excess fat away in the long run.

Tips to follow during the weight loss process with Ayurveda:


  1. Early to bed and early to rise: They say, á rested body is a healthy body.’ Therefore, Ayurveda stresses on the philosophy of sleep early and wake-up early. The best time to go to bed is 10:00 PM, at the max 11PM, and get up around 5- 6 in the morning. Our body functions in a sorted-out path in accordance with nature and following the natural cycle, works the best. Our body functions dynamic amid the day and rests during the night. Following this habit helps tackle many health problems including obesity, naturally.
  2. Drink plenty of water: Drinking water not long after or before a meal is not prudent. While water is useful for general well-being and weight reduction, drinking it along with food dilutes stomach acids that help in the digestion. This is one of the reasons many people are obese, since food is not separated or absorbed appropriately. Built-up toxins, hormonal lopsidedness, improper digestion etc. are only a couple of contributing variables of weight gain and obesity. On the contrary, drinking warm water through the day, specifically, is perfect and helps with digestion and detoxification.
  3. Three meals a day: Eating three meals in a day is quintessential. Having multiple meals is not exhorted in Ayurveda, which is very different from what numerous health care experts and nutritionists insist upon otherwise. Rather, a healthy breakfast, a hearty lunch and a light dinner are suggested. Our liver is at its best at noon, so your substantial meal ought to be at noon. This way, the body assimilates what is ingested. Additionally, for healthy and natural detoxification, our liver needs to have enough rest at night (to detoxify the body), a reason as to why dinner should be light.
  4. Go natural: Nature provides us with everything that we require, however we scarcely acknowledge it. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are for a purpose. Our body needs food according to different seasons and that is the reason, our body longs for occasional foods amid those seasons. Other than staples like rice, wheat and different products of the soil, regular foods grown from the ground ought to be included in the everyday meal plan for a healthy and nutritious diet. Also various natural Ayurvedic products can prove helpful in losing weight.

Ayurvedic Medicines for weight loss:

There are certain Ayurvedic home remedies that you can easily make at home that will help you lose weight in a natural way and without any side-effects.

  1. Lemon and Honey: Drinking a mix of warm water and lemon with honey on an empty stomach each morning has its own benefits. It not only keeps your digestion and metabolism active but also helps flush out harmful toxins from the system. It aids in regularizing the bowel movement and make you feel healthy and active. Just add a teaspoon each of lemon juice and honey to warm water, stir well and drink.
  2. Pepper: While lemon and honey will do the trick, including pepper powder makes it more intense. You can have it once a day for effective results.
  3. Digestive Aids: Weight gain often happens due to improper digestion, or absence of digestive fire as indicated by Ayurveda. Increasing foods that expand stomach related fire, works wonders with weight reduction. Ginger, papaya, bottle gourd, garlic, bean stew, etc. are the foods that enhance your digestive fire and should be included in your meal plan for a healthy diet.
  4. Cabbage: Rich in fibre, cabbage helps in keeping your weight under check. Eat it cooked or raw or whatever way you like it. Though it is most beneficial when eaten raw.
  5. Fasting: Fasting once in seven days is prescribed in Ayurveda for detoxification and effective working of stomach related framework. You can have water, herbal teas (ginger tea, tulsi tea, mint tea etc.) and clear vegetable soups.