How to stay healthy for work

How to stay healthy for work

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Health is one of the key factors for enjoying life and being productive. The world has changed so dramatically that most people are in front of a computer screen or a smartphone most of the time.

Our ancestors did not have this problem because they spent the majority of their time in the jungle or in the fields growing crops. Their day-to-day activities involved a lot of physical exertion. But that is not the case with the modern world. Most people spend their time in front of the computer with little to no exercise.

Being in front of a computer most of the day causes stress. The WHO says that most problems in the next decade are going to be stress related.

So how do we deal with this modern epidemic?

Here are some tips.

#1 Make exercise a priority

Most people sit in front of a computer all day with little to no exercise. So make exercise a priority. Many people give excuses like they have no time. Well, everyone has 24 hours a day, it’s about priorities.

One doesn’t have to go to a gym to exercise. Even five minutes of burpees can release endorphins and get your blood circulation going.

Remember, exercising release endorphins which make you happy. If you can afford a good personal trainer, it is a good idea to hire one. Sites like StarOfService have a huge listing of personal trainers; you can find a good one in your local area by placing a request on their website.

#2 Meet people

Research says that happy people have successful relationships. If you want to be happy, relationships with your friends, family, and colleagues are important.

Make it a priority to go out with friends, family, and colleagues at least once a week. We get so occupied with work that we don’t make time for important people in our lives.

#3 Travel

Successful people invest in experiences, not just things. Go on a vacation at least once a year. Go to a new city, meet new people, and open up your mind to new experiences.

You don’t just grow as a person when you travel; it’s a great rejuvenator. Just stepping outside of your daily environment can help you recover from all the stress and pressures of work and family.

#4 Set goals

Human beings are goal oriented creatures. Our dreams, missions, and causes are what keeps us alive. We wake up every day looking forward to achieving our goals; we are always looking forward to something better in the future.

Having goals gives us something to do. It keeps us alive.

#5 Take your hobbies seriously

Someone once said, “Human beings are not made to work. They are pleasurable creatures who are born to enjoy life.” Don’t get into a pattern where you live to work. Instead, work to live.

Do something for pleasure at least once a week. The most successful people took their hobbies seriously. Hobbies are when you meet people just like you. So don’t ignore your hobbies.

If you are only working, and not doing anything for pleasure, it is likely that you will burn out faster than you think. Burn out is a serious problem especially among entrepreneurs.


Staying healthy for work makes you more productive, and creates opportunities for faster growth. Health is far more important than many of us think.