Rhinoplasty Surgery – Types of Variations & How They’re Done

Rhinoplasty Surgery – Types of Variations & How They’re Done

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Rhinoplasty surgery, more commonly known as a nose job, is used to reshape the nose or address complaints in that general area. There are several options that you have when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery and these options are all easily customizable. If you are still in two minds about whether or not rhinoplasty surgery will help you and make you look more attractive or meet your expectations, read what is listed below to have a better understanding of this unique cosmetic procedure.

Hump Procedure

This surgery is used to reduce the size of the hump that is on top of your nose. Surgically, doctors can also completely remove this hump.

Bridge Procedure

This type of surgery is the most commonly seen nose surgery today. In this, the surgeon recreates the way the bridge of your nose looks. The bridge is the area that runs across the middle of your nose. More than aesthetic purpose, this surgery is used to help those with breathing problems or those who have obstructions. This kind of surgery greatly helps to alleviate discomfort and eases breathing.

Tip Procedure

This procedure is used to change the way the tip of the nose looks and is usually used to correct misshapen features. This could refer to malformations that happen during birth, breaks, or dislocations that happen in accidents. Rhinoplasty surgery can help the individual reshape the area into what it was before or even give it a new shape. This surgery can also be used to reshape or reduce the size of the nostrils. This kind of surgery is also used to fix noses that are crooked either from birth or because of an accident.

Rhinoplasty surgery is used to correct complaints associated with one’s appearance that come either as a birth or genetic defect, or accidents. Additionally, it can also be used to improve breathing and therefore by extension, sleep. This is an additional benefit that comes along with improving one’s experience.

Rhinoplasty surgery is also usually sought after because it is a procedure that leaves little or no scarring that is visible to the naked eye. Most procedures happen from inside the nose, through the nostril. The only exception to this type of surgery is the nose shaping procedure which involves the doctor operating from outside. But, if you go to a professional, well qualified surgeon there will be minimization of these surgical lines as well.

Depending on what type of rhinoplasty you choose to have, the recovery time can vary. In most cases, this only lasts about a week following which you will be able to resume all your normal activities. There is a possibility that you may have some amount of external bruising and discoloration for a few weeks afterwards but they will fade. Until then, you can use makeup to cover the difference in colour.

If this article has piqued your interest and you want to take a more serious step towards cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery, meet with your doctor today to explore your options.