Scalp Massage For Long Healthy Hair

Scalp Massage For Long Healthy Hair

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Whether you’d like to grow long, flowing tresses or you want to get thicker hair, it’s safe to say that everyone has a mental picture of what beautiful hair looks like for them. If you’d like to see your hair thrive and be the best it can be, there are a few ways you can make that happen.

1. Stay away from heat.
Heating tools like the flat iron and blow dryer will give you sleek hairstyles. However, you don’t want heat damage and these heating tools can be incredibly drying. Try to go a few months without using any heat styling products. If you must use one of the products, use it sparingly. The less heat you use, the more likely your strands will totally thrive.

2. Deep condition the hair regularly.
Even though you need to put the heating tools away, there is one heating tool that you’ll want to keep nearby. The heated bonnet or hooded dryer will serve you well when it’s time to deep condition your hair. After you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, add a deep conditioning treatment to your tresses. Cover the strands with a plastic shower cap and sit under the dryer for 30 minutes to an hour. The heat allows the hair strands to open up and receive the benefits of the deep conditioning treatment.

3. Utilize scalp massages.
Scalp massages are perfect because they stimulate the blood circulation and encourage hair growth. Use amazing essential oils like peppermint and rosemary to make the experience more potent. If you’re experiencing hair loss in a specific spot on your head, take things a step further and look into a prp treatment for hair loss. You don’t have to suffer with permanent hair loss. There are ways to restore and revitalize your hair.

4. Trim when necessary.
There are some hair gurus that will encourage people to trim their ends every few months. Truthfully, this isn’t necessary, especially if you’re looking to grow out your hair. Instead of getting regular trims, trim when it’s necessary. Take a look at your ends and you can easily do a very light dusting of the ends. If you need to take a few inches off, go to the professionals to get it done. Otherwise, only trim when it’s necessary.