Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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It’s less than a week away, so if you haven’t thought about it yet, time to figure out what to get your mom for her special day. In case you have your head completely in the sand, Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday 14th of May. No doubt the displays when you’re out shopping have given you a clue with the banners and reminders put up everywhere, but for forgetful people like me even this isn’t enough to keep the date fixed in our minds.

We all want to get our mom something unique; a gift she’ll remember forever. Chocolates and flowers are great, but buying her something that lasts will create a beautiful memory for her to look back on nostalgically. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some gifts you can get for your mom that will let her know how much you appreciate her:


For a sophisticated lady, cosmetics can be difficult to buy; particularly if you haven’t delved into your mother’s cosmetic bag recently! Luckily, there are wonderful cosmetic sites online that have a wide variety of products to suits all tastes and budgets. For example,Gallany Cosmetics is a unique make-up line, founded by cosmetics chemist Ida Gál-Csiszar, who used to work for top cosmetic brands including MaxFactor, Tom Ford, and Smashbox. In fact,Max Factor himself commissioned Gál-Csiszar to create his wife’s signature orange-red lipstick shade. If you don’t know anything about makeup, or have never bought makeup, it’s best to conduct some research in order to find out somebasic information about buying makeup online. You don’t want to give your mother a gift that will make her look like a clown!

Your mother has done so much for you throughout life: isn’t it time you show her that she is much more than the person who did your laundry and cooked your meals for a number of years? Flowers and candy are great, but buying your mom makeup for Mother’s Day shows that you see her as a woman in her own right, and not just your personal housekeeper. If you’re not sure about what colors and styles of makeup your mother prefers, just ask. Many of us feel that the best gifts are surprise gifts, but personally I love when someone asks me exactly what I would like instead of opening a gift that isn’t to my taste. Mothers around the world, who do so much for others, deserve to open something they’ll love and actually wear on Mother’s Day, so make sure your gift is considerate of her needs and not just purchased out of obligation.

Porcelain Trinket Box

This is a type of gift that we often wouldn’t think of, but every woman can find something to put in a trinket box: jewelry, knickknacks, sentimental keepsakes, or even old photos.Limoges collectible trinket boxes are a must-have for anyone that is looking for the very best in trinket boxes.

If you really want to show your mother how much she means to you this Mother’s Day, skip the flowers and candy routine, and opt for something truly unique instead. As with any gift, however, just make sure your mother likes knick knacks. Some ladies are minimalists and hate unnecessary clutter around the home, so would probably consider a trinket box as a precious waste of space. As sons and daughters, we know our mother’s tastes and habits. Therefore, if your has an ever-increasing collection of hedgehogs, thimbles, or pretty much anything that can appear in ornamental form, a trinket box mightspark the beginning of an entirely new collection!


If you’re considering buying your mother jewelry for Mother’s Day, why not invest in a piece that she will never forget. Standard jewelry designers often opt for popular designs; this can often mean that the pieces aren’t unique, and lose their meaning. When you’re buying something special for a loved one, you don’t want it to be something that you see everywhere you go. This is especially true for jewelry. Luckily, there are some jewelry designers with a unique vision that goes directly into the design of their pieces.Ka Gold Jewelry, for example, describes its creative goal as ‘where sacred science, art and spirit meet.’

Contemporary jewelry often has bold or striking designs, but can sometimes also incorporate religious, mystical, or even astrological symbology. If your mother is a traditionalist at heart, you might be better off buying a classic heart pendant or tennis bracelet. However, ifyour mother is a hippie at heart, she’ll love the spiritualist vision of many contemporary jewelry designers, so opting for a healing talisman or protection ring might just be up her street. The better you know your mother, the more confident you will be about knowing what gifts she likes. The general rule is that if you’re not sure she’ll like it, don’t buy it. Better safe than sorry!


The gift ideas above will make your mother feel extra-special this Mother’s Day. It’s time to be more imaginative than a less-minute trip to the florist, and give your mom something she will cherish for years to come!