Spring Clean Your Home with Professional Carpet Cleaning

Spring Clean Your Home with Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Opening up your home to warm weather after a long winter hibernation and deep cleaning the interior fit together perfectly. But the urge to clean once the weather breaks is more than a common trend. In fact, whether it’s tied to the equinox, various holidays, or natural biological coding, spring cleaning may be far more than simple compulsion… it may actually be written into human DNA. While humans aren’t the only animal species to have the spring cleaning urge, we are the only species to cover our den floors with carpet. And if you really want to get the most out of your investment, there are some major reasons to include professional carpet cleaning treatments with your spring cleaning routine.

Kick Winter Germs to the Curb

The combination of forced heat and closed windows practically guarantees the air in most homes and businesses remains stagnant during the colder winter months. The warm, still air provides the perfect habitat for pathogens, extra germs, and viruses common during the winter months. And since many of those can survive on household surfaces for weeks or even months that increases the likelihood your home will be a revolving door for viral infections. Spring cleaning helps remove these germs and including professional carpet cleaning ensures your home’s clean from top to bottom.

Secure Your Home’s Sale Potential and Protect Your Investment

Like any other major furnishing, carpet is and should be considered an investment. Carpet itself won’t raise your home’s value per se, but clean and attractive carpet is one of the top aesthetic considerations during appraisals and walk-throughs. If your carpet is old, dirty, worn, or just ugly, chances are prospective buyers will walk out the door without looking further. Selling may not be an issue right now, but that can change in the future. Professional carpet cleaning treatments not only remove food spills or stains, they also protect your investment.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA, most Americans spend up to 90% of their life indoors. The problem with that is they’re breathing in the pollutants they bring in from the outdoors as well as the dander, dust, VOCs, and other potentially dangerous and definitely disgusting pathogens embedded in their carpet. Carpeting acts like a household air filter, so it can help improve air quality by trapping contaminants outside of the breathing zone. However, as soon as foot traffic hits those fibers, the contaminants release, attach to the host and travel throughout the house. Cleaning the carpet professionally helps everyone breathe better.

Reduce Household Allergies

Carpet acts like a giant home filter to trap and contain pathogens out of the breathing zone. That works well as long as everyone’s standing and moving about. But once you sit or stop moving, the germs and debris release and stick to clothing, shoes, and even skin. The closer you are to the carpet or pathogens, the more likely you are to suffer. Eighty percent of Americans are consistently exposed to dust mites, sixty percent are exposed to pet dander, and those who live in southern states or inner cities are often exposed to insect casings… all of which of well-documented allergens. Adding professional carpet cleaning treatments to your spring cleaning routine can help improve everyone’s health and wellbeing. Give us a call when you’re ready to take control of your home and health again.