Staying Safe While Working the Land

Staying Safe While Working the Land

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Working the land alone can be a peaceful experience, but it is not recommended if the individual is not properly prepared for the job. Vast expanses of land, especially family ranches, can be an unforgiving environment. Whether the dangers are due to weather, wildlife, or wandering people, being prepared can keep the individual safe in any situation.

Keeping Food & Water Close

No one should be caught in the middle of the wilderness or a sparsely-populated plot of land without sufficient food and water. Having two to three days’ rations will help to keep the individual healthy in case they have to wait for help. Situations might include suffering from injuries, getting lost, extreme weather, or any case in which there will be a delay in receiving help.

Always Have Two Way Radios

Two-way radios are important to have when traveling over large distances. Cell phone service may not be available in extremely rural areas; however, two-way radios will almost always work. One radio should be left with a trusted friend or family member in case help is needed. Always keep the batteries fully charged, and ensure that the radios are working before leaving home.

Personal Safety Precautions

While it might be highly unlikely, the individual should be prepared for conflict or other dangerous situations. Keeping a knife or a firearm is a great idea, and pepper spray can help in the case of bears. It is important to keep firearms concealed, especially where vagrants or trespassers may be a concern. Concealed carry shorts are great for hiding weapons and also keeping cool while working during spring or summer heat.

Working During Daylight

It is important to work only during daylight hours to stay safe. Many predators come out after sunset to attack prey that might be sleeping, under the cover of darkness. Trespassers also tend to be more active at night, making it hard to see them. Many people tend to find that it is far easier to get lost during the night time than it is during the daytime.

Maintaining a very large property with hundreds of acres (or more) can be difficult and hazardous work. The owner or farmhand should always be fully protected and prepared for any potential problems.