Wedding photographers in Kolkata

Wedding photographers in Kolkata

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The people of Kolkata are fun-loving and they want the weddings in their families to be in perfect celebration mood. This mood should also be reflected in all the wedding photos taken during the rituals performed during a wedding ceremony in this city. Hence, the chosen wedding photographer needs to be careful about clicking all these emotions in his candid photographs, to make them lifetime memories for his client and the newly married couple.

Factors that determine the eligibility of best wedding photographer in Kolkata

The search for a good wedding photographer Kolkata should be started soon after the wedding date is scheduled; so that the families of the marrying couple will have plenty of time to find all about the apparently satisfying photographers in Kolkata and check their competency.

The quality of the work done by a wedding photographer Kolkata should be duly checked from the portfolio of that photographer posted on his website, where many samples of his previously shot photographs should be uploaded, to ensure that he is reliable for the best wedding photography Kolkata. Also, it should be checked whether this photographer has prior experience of working on similar themes of weddings before, mainly in cases of modern destination weddings

The cost offered by the photographer is another major factor in deciding about hiring his service. The common people do not want to spend too extravagantly for their wedding photos and thus, this expense should fit within the definite budget fixed for this purpose. It should be checked whether the photographer charges on the hourly basis or per marriage as a whole, then the client can decide what type of remuneration will suit his budget best. If the photographer is needed to shoot photos of only the main wedding ceremony that lasts only for 2-3 hours, then the hourly basis charge should be more suitable for the client.

The client should speak in details with the initially chosen photographer in Kolkata and see whether he has friendly behavior and can adopt easily with the joyous mood of the wedding ceremony. It is easier for both the photographer and the new couple’s families to cooperate each other in shooting wedding photos if the wedding photographer is cheerful and can communicate freely with everyone present at the wedding ceremony. Moreover, he should be flexible to work at any time, as many Bengali weddings take place even after midnight.


The tradition of Candid Wedding Photography in Kolkata is not new. However, there had been some outstanding photographers who are still remembered by the people in Kolkata. The present generation of wedding photographers is more professional in its attitude and that is why you can expect the best photography from them. These photographers are capable of taking their photographers from the best angle from where they can make them more perfect. Their knowledge of these angles is really praiseworthy. It is, rather, like a natural instinct that places them at the right place at the right point of time. This is a trick that a professional wedding photographer possesses right from his birth.

You can also feel the mastery of these professional photographers by looking at the pictures right in front of your eyes. These pictures reveal the best feelings and sentiments even if they cannot speak on their own. One of the most important reasons of the best quality of pictures is that these photographers use high quality digital cameras. These cameras have quality characteristics and they can take amazing pictures with perfect color resolution. However, you must remember the fact that printing of these pictures should be done from the color labs where they can take care of perfect combination as far as color and picture resolutions are concerned. Get your wedding photographer in Kolkata and see his expertise in every photo shoot out.