November 17, 2019

Make Your Transcriber Work Easier with The Right Headset

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A transcription headset is one of the key tools that a transcriber needs. As a transcriber, you don’t just need a good ear to listen to what you are transcribing, you also need a good headset that is comfortable to use even after hours of wearing it. If you are looking at different transcription headsets and is having a hard time choosing the right one, you should start considering these factors.

The Comfort

Transcribers work for 4 to 12 hours and they have to wear their headset all the time. Before buying a transcription headset, try to wear it first and move around. Check its weight and if it doesn’t create pressure on your neck and head. If you wear glasses, you must be more thorough because you wouldn’t want your headset to be pressing your glasses.

The Design and Feature

Are you the type of transcriber who listens while moving around? If you are, then go for a wireless headset. If you prefer the traditional headset with cord, check the cord’s length in case you need to move around while listening to your audio. Also, do you prefer a traditional over the head headphone or you want a neckband headphone? Regardless of the design, choose a transcription headset that will suit you while transcribing. A headset with noise cancellation feature is also highly recommended for smoother transcribing. In addition, some transcription headsets also come with an audio enhancing feature that is really helpful in case you are working on a file that was recorded in low volume.

The Accessories

A good headset comes with accessories that can make it work better. For example, you should consider a headset that will allow you to add ear tips or ear cushion to make it more comfortable when wearing it. in addition to these headset accessories, you should also pick a good chair and table for your workstation. No matter how good your transcription headset is, if you are not comfortable with your workstation, you might still find yourself distracted from time to time.

There are a lot of transcription headsets in the market today and picking the right one is very crucial to make your job easier.