November 17, 2019

Must Have Insurance Policies This Festive Season

The festive season is around the corner. Celebrations for Diwali will soon begin with great enthusiasm and splendor. An important concern that needs to be addressed is the risks that may arise as a result of festivities. Being secured under an insurance policy prevents financial strain and offers the much-needed peace of mind.

Following are three must-have insurance policies that you may consider buying this festive season.

  1. Health insurance

Bodily injuries are quite common during the festival of Diwali. One simply cannot eliminate the risk of injuries due to the heat or fire produced by firecrackers. Besides, the chemical nature of crackers or flying debris from firework explosions may have a serious impact. To shield yourself from such risks, you may invest in a medical insurance policy. Such a cover offers financial protection against hospitalization bills. In any event, of hospitalization, the insurance provider settles the expenses, which include doctor’s fees, cost of medicine, and room rent, among others. You may focus on a speedy recovery instead of worrying about the high medical bills. You may opt for an individual health cover or a family floater plan. As the name suggests, individual policies cover a single person, while numerous family members are covered under a family floater plan.

You may seek additional coverage over and above your basic insurance policy by opting for critical illness insurance. Under the terms of such a policy, you are provided with a lump sum amount upon diagnosis of any of the critical illness mentioned in the policy document. Therefore, you may protect yourself without compromising on the quality of healthcare.

  1. Householder’s insurance

Fire is a common hazard during the season of Diwali. Theft, damage, and loss of household items can be a threat as well. To mitigate such risks, you may opt for a householder’s insurance policy. Such an insurance plan offers coverage against various risks such as burglary, fire, and breakdown of electrical appliances, among others. This policy also allows you to insure handycams or cameras that you use to record the celebrations.

During the festive season, the Indian women adorn themselves with jewelry. To eliminate the risk of theft of jewelry, you may invest in such a policy.

  1. Motor insurance

Firecrackers may leave your two-wheeler or four-wheeler damaged. You may incur significant expenses to repair your damaged vehicle. Therefore, it becomes necessary to protect your prized possession against any risk. You may opt for a two-wheeler or a car insurance policy to avoid expenses concerning damage, theft, or loss of the vehicle. Besides, such a policy pays for damages to third-party property or bodily injuries or death of the third party.

The festive season is all about joy and delight. Therefore, you may seek a protective shield against risks that you may be exposed to amidst the festivities.