November 17, 2019

Normal delivery vs C-section: Things you should know

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Most of us have an impression that c-section is complicated and is bad whereas normal delivery is safe and good. First of all, there is no bad and good in the way how delivery is done. There would a concrete reason why one type of delivery is preferred over the other. As we know, when there is a complication in the health of the mother or when there is a risk where the child has changed in its position and cannot be delivered through the uterus passage, C-section is a must to save both the mother and the child. There is no meaning in still trying for normal delivery even in case of high-risk pregnancy as it will put the lives of both mom and the child under riks. So let us see in detailed how a cesarean and normal delivery:

Normal delivery:

As we know, it is delivery which happens through the vaginal passage where the mom is normally made to push the baby. Some of the maternity experts believe that normal delivery is healthy because it is a natural process as in the case of c-section it can be induced. The only thing mom-to-be has to keep in mind is the complication involved. A normal delivery procedure can be tiresome to the some while she is trying to push the baby out. The pregnancy pain is felt during normal delivery and this pain is the maximum amount of pain a human can handle. If you can come across the recent trend of water birthing, people have started to give birth through normal delivery under the water. Here water as a medium which helps in the suction and also space where the baby can be safely delivered. At some of the best hospital for pregnancy in Chennai for normal delivery, they would give you regular scan reports in the 3rd or 4th trimester to understand what kind of delivery is most likely to happen and prepare for the same.


Delivering the baby by a cut and open procedure. Sometimes, there could be complications like the baby’s position is in such a way that it cannot be delivered normally or in certain cases, there could be conditions where the umbilical cord can get tied around the neck or hands or the baby and thus making it risky for normal delivery. Nowadays, a lot of people voluntarily opt for c-section to reduce the hassles. These kind of c-section deliveries are pre-planned and the obstetrician tells you when the procedure can be done.

If you are someone who is facing issues with the risky pregnancy then all you have to find is the best gynecologist in Chennai who would evaluate your pregnancy and suggest you the best way to get delivered.