December 6, 2019

Our Changing Attitudes About The Military

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Every country has a military in place to protect that country’s interests, and while many people don’t support the idea of war and violence, it’s a given for most people that a strong military is needed in order to keep a country safe. Our cultural feelings about the military have changed over time, however, as feelings about war transformed enormously during the time between World War 2 and the end of the Vietnam War. One major difference in attitudes about the military today, from the way we view guns to the way we feel about military fasteners distributors, is that the military is now run on a volunteer basis.

WW2, Vietnam and The Draft

The US joined in the Allied effort in World War 2 a bit later in the conflict, as the United States was in no hurry to join in another major war after the wounds suffered in World War I. Still, once it was clear that Britain was being threatened by the Nazi forces, the US joined in the conflict. As horrible as it was, most people in the US didn’t feel conflicted about involvement in the war, as it seemed a just fight. Years later, however, when the government began drafting young men for the fight in Vietnam, attitudes changes.

The Vietnam war was a long and drawn out conflict that many people felt was being waged for reasons that were unclear. Thousands of young Americans were being killed or wounded there, and protests against the war became very vocal. The war finally ended in 1975, and since then there has been no miiitary draft in place.

Today, many people look back at the WW2 era with a sense of nostalgia, as it seemed a conflict that at least had a purpose. Today, views of the military remain conflicted, though most will agree that a strong military is still needed in order to defend the US’s place in the world.