November 17, 2019

Pharmacy versus Farmer

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In recent years, the country’s attitude toward marijuana has changed. Recreational use is on the rise, with 10 states having legalized it. Medicinal use, however, is where the country needs it most. There are 33 states that allow medicinal marijuana with a green card. The positive effects of marijuana oil in Chicago (Illinois is medicinally legal) are going to be the same in South Carolina (100% illegal). Why are pharmaceutical companies pushing to keep it federally illegal in the United States? Simple: they want to make sure that their pockets are lined.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

For organizations that claim to want to help people, the amount of money made by these “big pharma” companies is appalling. In 2017, $934.8 billion was made by global pharmaceuticals. The numbers are only expected to climb. The estimated dollar amount in 2021 is $1170 billion. Is it becoming clear yet? Legalizing marijuana means that they can’t charge people ridiculous amounts of money for the product. People who understand the growing, harvesting and selling process will call them out and the whole project would fold for them. Heaven forbid they lose a little of their precious billions.

Calling the Kettle Black

Although the federal government refuses to admit that marijuana can be healthy, they are hopping on the bandwagon in their own way. Syndros, a lab-created pill, is the pharmaceutical version of THC. It is meant to mimic the positive effects of cannabis without actually being cannabis. Note the irony here. A simple plant that can be harvested and farmed causes little harm to those who choose to partake; the positive effects of marijuana have been noted by humans for thousands of years. The list of ailments that it helps goes on and on, yet it has been demonized by the public and falsely called out as a gateway drug.

Being educated and opening one’s eyes about the truth surrounding marijuana can change the country’s archaic, outdated opinion on the herb. Rather than give money to the hungry corporations, support local growers and a natural remedy.