November 17, 2019

Picking the Right Tent for Your Next Event

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Are you planning a big event and want to find the perfect venue? Whether you’re planning a wedding, a high-end gala or a corporate party, event tents are a great way to house your guests in style. Here are three types of event tents you can choose from.

Tension Pole Tents

Have you ever flown into or out of Denver International Airport? The roof of their terminal is a high tensile membrane structure. It has beautiful, flowing lines and is a masterwork of architectural design. A tension tent is very similar. It brings the same sweeping lines and elegant design. With the built-in aerodynamics, they are great at resisting the elements and high winds. For your next event, consider renting a high peak tension tent in Massachusetts.

Frame Tents

Frame tents are the most economical tent you can find on the market today. They generally consist of an aluminum frame and are then covered with vinyl. Frame tents have a variety of uses. Often you will see them used at events to house sponsors and advertisers. It gives them a place to shelter from the sunshine while they hand out brochures and goodies.  This type of tent is also often used at craft fairs and festivals. A more traditional frame tent is much larger and typically has walls. These are often used for small gatherings, places to eat or event activity centers.

Multi-Story Tents

Multi-story tents are an amazing choice if you have the budget. Are you planning a huge event with hundreds of guests? Is your event going to require multiple venues going on at the same time? Are you ready to take your event to an amazing new level? Multi-story tents are the way to go. You can have two or even three stories. The tent can be configured in a variety of ways and can accommodate features like patios and mezzanines. These tents are built to local codes, so safety is never a concern.

As you plan your next event, pick one of these tent options and wow your guests.