November 17, 2019

Practical Portable Radio Accessories for Wilderness Adventures

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If you’re going to take a trip to a forest, a portable radio can provide big advantages. For example, when you hike along trails, you can keep your radio protected from the elements by storing it in a durable backpack. In order to use a radio efficiently during every adventure, you’ll need to invest in practical supporting accessories, and you can simplify the shopping process by considering the suggestions in these guide.

An Extra Battery

An extra battery is a wise investment that you should consider before taking a trip to cold or rainy wilderness zones. Every battery for a ham radio harvests and stores energy. Because ice and water can weaken electrical currents, a typical battery will drain if it isn’t properly protected in cold, rainy environments. If your ham radio’s battery suddenly drains while you’re hiking, a backup battery can restore power to the radio.

Belt Clip

Outdoor adventures require great mobility. If bulky outdoor gear reduces your range of motion, the process of hiking, paddling, hunting, and roaming in a wilderness area will be challenging. A belt clip is a great accessory for a ham radio because it keeps the gadget out of way. While wearing a clip, you can grab your radio quickly when you need it.


In rural areas, tall trees can weaken a radio signal. If you roam too far from a local tower, you’ll only hear static when you access certain radio frequencies. A spare antenna can be very beneficial during adventures in lush forests as it can increase coverage by boosting the signal. If you buy a universal antenna, you can use it with a variety of radios.

All of these accessories are great options for a ham radio. If you have Kenwood radios, you can use each suggested items or suitable Kenwood portable radio accessories during a wilderness adventure.