November 17, 2019

President Trump and Impeachment

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For some Americans, the day President Trump became president marked the end of the world. A television personality from the popular Apprentice show was known for firing almost everyone on his show. Back then, he was someone that people enjoyed watching because his decisions had relatively small consequences. Out of seemingly nowhere in 2015, Donald Trump announced that he would be running for the 2016 presidential election. Almost everyone at the time laughed off his campaign immediately, and it was understood that Hilary Clinton would run away with the presidency. Donald Trump lost every debate against Hilary Clinton, and the writing appeared to be on the wall for his prospective candidacy. On election night, Democrats celebrated prematurely, and reality TV transformed itself into reality. Donald Trump became the 45th president, and expert witness services have been offering information to have him impeached ever since.

Too Late for Impeachment?

The Democratic party has made impeaching President Trump its main objective for the past few years, and they have not stopped. Depending on your political affiliation, his presidency is either your worst nightmare or a dream come true. The United States is more divided than ever, and Democrats are trying to restore what they believe to be balanced. However, Donald Trump has eluded all wrong-doing according to Robert Mueller, and this sent pundits such as Rachel Maddow into a frenzy on-air. Naturally, people do not enjoy overly-confident personalities or people who believe they are better than others. Donald Trump certainly fits this profile, and he will be the first to tell you that he is one of the best humans ever created. President Trump is poised to run for re-election in 2020, and with a divided Democratic platform, it appears as if he may, in fact, win again. There is no telling as to what is on the other side of another four years of President Trump, but it will inevitably involve a lot of tweeting.