Different Types of Conveyors for Varieties of Industrial Uses?

Different Types of Conveyors for Varieties of Industrial Uses?

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Conveyors are one of the most important industrial systems. They help in transportation of all sorts of goods from one place to another. Conveyors are called the lifelines of industries as they significantly reduce human efforts, time and cost and ultimately, increase the productivity. They also reduce risks of damage and accidents. Therefore, they are undoubtedly better than human labor in their functioning and safety.

Various kinds of conveyors are adopted in industries as per the application. Some of the popular designs are gravity conveyor, conveyor belt, screw conveyor, chain conveyor and vibrating conveyor. They are used for different applications because of their varied designs. There are a few factors that help in determining the type of conveyor required for a specific application.

1. Belt Conveyors

It is the most popular and most widely used conveyor in industries. Belt conveyors are driven by motors which rotate at variable speeds. From airports to factories, they are used at many places for many purposes. At airports, they are used for handling of baggage whereas, in factories, they are used for packaging. They are also used in bakeries, grocery stores and warehouses to load material into or from transportation vehicles. Flat and trough is the commonly used conveyor type in this category.

2. Vibrating Conveyors

This type of conveyors makes use of vibrations for creating movements. They are usually used for transportation or separation of small granules or free flowing materials. Food grains, casted metal parts, mining products, wood and chemical products can be transported by using vibrating conveyors. The materials that are corrosive or hot in nature can also be efficiently and easily transported.

3. Pneumatic Conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors make use of air pressure for transportation. These conveyor systems are used in chemical industries for feeding the mixtures, ceramic industry to transport granules, food industry to transport powdered items and sugar, cement industry, rubber and plastic industries as well. To sum up, these systems are used for transporting powdered or very small items or mixtures.

4. Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyor is used for transporting liquids and granule formed material by making use of a helical shaped screw. The materials with high consistency are also moved using screw conveyors. They are perfect for wet, caking and difficult to move materials. They also find applications in snow blowers, harvesters, ice re-surfacers and other such machines.

5. Other Popular Types

Chain conveyors are also very popular like conveyor belts. They are used for transportation of huge containers in shipping industry. Roller conveyors are used for transporting rigid and hard materials. Another type, called vertical and bucket conveyors are used for vertical transportation of material. Chute and gravity conveyors are also just as much useful to move material from one place to another.

Conveyors can be customized according to the need of the industry. More features can be added to fulfill the needs. Conveyors are highly useful systems and hence, they are widely adopted throughout the world in almost every kind of industry. With their growing demand comes great responsibility of their quality.

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