Five Ways to Prep Your Home for the Summer

Five Ways to Prep Your Home for the Summer

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Temperatures are expected to reach well into the hundreds before summer officially begins. With these tips you can make your home a comfortable, safe, efficient place to escape the heat and relax.

Insulate your walls

Insulation can mean the difference between a comfortable house or not. Extra thick insulation may help reduce your energy use this summer. Try some of the more creative types beyond standard fiberglass. Wool, styrofoam, cotton and plastic fiber can be great insulators. These options have the added bonus of using recycled materials that would otherwise be thrown in dumps. If you have large windows, ask a contractor or home improvement consultant about a transparent insulator like Aerogel. This is sold in prepackaged panels which are easy to install, but you must be careful with the installation.

Landscape your home

Landscaping can be useful to shade your home. Plant fast growing, drought tolerant trees, such as Western Sycamore and California Oak, for shade. Set up a trellis for vine type plants like grape, jasmine and wisteria for a pleasantly fragrant, living barrier against high heat. Even hanging baskets of flowers in front of a window can help absorb some of the energy that would otherwise heat the room.

Get That Pool You’ve Always Wanted

Nothing helps beat the heat link a pool, giving you a perfect place to relax and help beat the heat. With everything from spas to hot tubs to inground pools available at reasonable prices, there’s no reason not to upgrade that backyard just in time for summer if you can afford it. Find yourself the right supplied to fit your needs and get yourself moving already! Summer’s not far away, but there are plenty of companies out there to help you get the pool of your dreams in shape for summer. Whether you’re just starting out or are sick of having to open it yourself every year, find someone to help you out and get everything setup just the way you want it.

Buy a Boat Already

Technically not home related, but if you’re considering passing on the pool then maybe it’s time for a boat. Most of us find ourselves only an hour or two away from a body of water, and in the summer there’s nothing more enjoyable than getting out on the boat for a few hours with the family. If you’re closer to the lakes, it’s perfect for wakeboarding, tubing, fishing, and even just general cruising around. Find yourself a reputable dealer so you know what you’re buying, and then just sit back and enjoy your summer!

Fix your air conditioner

Whether you use a window unit, central air or another type of system, make sure it is in good working condition. If the system is not working or you just want to get it inspected, consult an experienced HVAC specialist. It is recommended a professional inspect your system before the heat sets in order to determine if anything is needed to make your system more energy efficient. Dusty coils, bent fan blades, bad compressors and other potential problems can be avoided if you have an annual inspection. Calling early in the year will give you time to get the appliance in good condition for summer.