Interesting Facts about Self-Storage Facilities

Interesting Facts about Self-Storage Facilities

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Self-storage has quickly become an extremely popular trend, with a majority of individuals owning self-storage units. Self-storage is now among the fastest growing real estate enterprises worldwide. In the United States alone, there are over 2.3 million square feet devoted to personal storage alone. This vast scale reflects the boom of popularity when it comes to self-storage, and how individuals are finding ways of storing their old and precious belongings, rather than getting rid of them.

The first publicly documented self-storage compartments were recorded in China, where underground pits were used, to store food. In the Middle Ages, the British would offer services to noblemen that were away from the homeland for long periods of time. These services would include placing the nobleman’s property in crates, and these crates were kept in guarded stables. However, by mid-20th century, the United States came with rows of metal garage units that could be rented out to individuals, in case they wished to store any extra items that may not fit in their own homes.

A common reason for owning storage units is because of lack of storage space at home. A great majority of those who have storage units are homeowners, because homeowners do not have space in their own homes to store their extra items. Other reasons can include individuals who wish to store their goods while they relocate to a new area, to help keep commercial inventory, and to store valuable property and documents.

Most individuals tend to keep everyday items in their storage units, or large, bulky items that they cannot fit in their own homes. Common items include pieces of furniture, and electric appliances, like old stoves, refrigerators, washers, audio equipment, and old computers. Other, more valuable items are placed as well, like antique furniture, rare artwork, or even valuable jewelry. Some individuals prefer to keep childhood memorabilia, and can fill up their storage unit with important documents and nostalgic photos, like marriage certificates and family photographs.
Through self-storage units have become increasingly necessary, there are a few individuals who may not be using these units for pure intentions. For example, there have been cases of homeless individuals renting out a storage space and then living in them; there have also been cases of people using these storage units to manufacture illegal drugs, which can then be sold on the market, and other such cases where illegal and illicit activity was being done, by using these storage units as a cover.

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