Is Hardwood flooring right for you?

Is Hardwood flooring right for you?

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Are you always attracted to the premium look that the hardwood floor gives to your home? There is no doubt that for many years hardwood floors have been used to increase the aesthetic beauty of the home and give the property a much-needed natural touch. But, blindly opting for such flooring types might backfire as well. Before deciding on which type of flooring is right for your property, doing a detailed analysis of various factors such as budget, durability, and fashion is extremely important.

Usually, such flooring cost more and for selecting and installing them much time and efforts are invested. Also, there are multiple variants and options to choose from. A floor style should not only match the theme of your home, but should also be evergreen, so it doesn’t get out of fashion. In this aspect hardwood floors have an upper hand as these come in many options and will remain attractive for years to come. But what all should you keep in mind before selecting the hardwood flooring?

Things you see

Although the big showrooms of hardwood flooring might show you a product which looks tempting but you should remember, you always do not get what you see. A showpiece in a showroom is pretty much pampered by favorable weather, cleaners, etc. It doesn’t show you the reality of what the floor would look after some years and in the external conditions. If you have noticed faded color of the wooden floors in any of the property, it is pretty much possible because such floors are exposed to unfavorable conditions like heat, pressure and wind. To counter this problem many companies have come up with protective coatings and better-quality hardwood. In some of the floors which have a lighter shade, the scratches and smudges are pretty prominent. Thus, many people prefer floors with darker design and patterns. If your floor has a gloss finish, it might be susceptible to more damage and scratches. It becomes important to ensure whether scratch removal is covered under warranty or not.

The temperature effects

As the floor is constructed of natural wood, the limitations of hardwood are also incorporated into the floor itself. You might have noticed uneven gaps which develop on hardwood floors. These are primarily because of the effect of temperature on the wood. A very cold temperature could result in shrinking of the planks and a higher temperature may result in swelling of the floor. Many floors can last years if proper care is taken and the temperature is maintained inside the home. With time, the edges of the floor may become rough. All of the problems can be avoided if the hardwood panels are of high quality and are installed correctly. Using hardwood which has been engineered perfectly makes it less maintenance intensive. Maintenance at regular intervals becomes important for the floor to last long.

The low budget alternative

There is usually huge investment involved in installing hardwood floors. But, some hardwood plies could very well fit your budget constraints but still provide great quality. Some of them might not have warranties. Although they have a thinner protective coating but still could give your property an appealing look.