Must Have Items for the Home

Must Have Items for the Home

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Nothing comes close to the feeling of being home with family. During special times like holidays and birthdays, your family is the group of people who will love and celebrate you the most. Whether you’re moving into a brand new house or condo, or just updating your existing home, be sure to invest the time to make your home uniquely yours. Families go through so much together and because this group is so special, the home should reflect that. With creativity, some sweat, equity, and the artistic perspectives of all the members of your family, it’s not hard to create lasting memories through the decorations in your home. If you’re looking for ways to create sentimental decor that represents your family’s love, consider these five decorations.

Gallery Wall

You can place a gallery wall anywhere in your home. The wall above your staircase or the wall in the living room are great options. You can either choose frames that are all the same size or frames that vary in size. Ikea is a great store to purchase frames from. To get a little creative with your approach, consider painting the frames to match your color scheme. Collect all the family photos you’d like to include in your decor. Decide whether you’d like them to be in color or if you’d like them to be black and white prints. Send them to a local print shop and get them professionally printed. Once you have all of your pictures in frames, do a mock layout on the floor and make sure it all makes sense before you hang them on the wall. Don’t be afraid to get precise measurements as this will help you achieve the look you really want, and if you’re planning on putting your installation on a sunlit wall be sure you have the proper window treatments in place so your pictures don’t fade!

A Well-Stocked Pantry

Nothing is more aggravating than having to shop nightly for something you forgot to buy at the store. There are an exceeding amount of online options and subscription services you can sign up for to provide everything for home pantry deliveries to even fresh seafood deliveries without ever stepping foot outside of your home. If you’re tired of everyone asking “how come there’s never anything to eat in this house?” set yourself up a list or sign-up sheet where your family members can request what they want. Then you can complain to them when the things they ordered go un-eaten, as at least now there’s some accountability for the parties responsible!

Special Pieces and Collectibles

A Limoge box piece is a beautiful piece of art that can commemorate a special occasion in the family. For example, many people purchase a Limoge box piece to celebrate the birth of a child. Another Limoge box piece might commemorate a special wedding anniversary. Store them on a high shelf or in a case with beautiful labels and dates to signify each piece’s importance.

Family Rules/Proclamation Print

When you’re dealing with a group of people, there are some understood rules. Respect, forgiveness, and loving hard are usually rules in any family’s four walls. There are tons of artists that can create artwork or prints including your family’s mantra or significant rules. If you’re a family that’s deeply religious, consider adding a scripture to the print that you all live by. Hang this print in a place where everyone can see it on a regular basis. Once everyone sees it over and over again, it’ll continue to solidify its importance in the hearts of your family members.

Art Pieces

Express yourselves and either create some of your own unique art or find something that represents your family, either as a whole or as a collection of individuals. A fun approach is to visit a nearby flea market or something and have everyone pick out a piece of art that represents them, then find a way to arrange them on a single wall in the home. It will make for a unique piece once finished, and you all get your own individual input on its assembly. Who knows, you may find something of value so be sure to research your finds afterward as well!