Protecting Your Interlock Pavers – Tips on Using a Sealer

Protecting Your Interlock Pavers – Tips on Using a Sealer

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Interlocking pavers are pavement stones most commonly made from cement or concrete and are meant to create the aesthetic of a cobblestone pathway. These pavers have a special feature that allows them to be installed without the use of a mortar, because they are able to lock together, creating a solid, stable base. This means that this is easy to install on your own, without the requirement of an experienced professional. Interlocking pacers connect together through the use of sand, and can cover any patio, deck, driveway, or walkway. One major benefit is that these pavers are available in a variety of colours and designs, allowing you to create a unique aesthetic while using these pavers. They are also modular, which means that they can connect together to form a variety of geometric shapes, allowing you to add to your home.

When these pavers are installed properly, the combination of pavers and sand causes them to bind, resulting in a solid, unified whole. This means that the interlocking pavers are now able to handle large amounts of stress and weight, by transferring these stresses laterally – resulting in interlocking pavers being able to take a large amount of weight, without the use of reinforced concrete.

Paving stone sealers are used to minimize or eliminate the porous nature of stone. If the stone is left unsealed, the stone can get damaged due to rust, salt, UV rays, and dirt. Therefore, using a paving stone sealer ensures that your driveway floors will have a longer lifespan, and will require less maintenance.
Before you apply a paving stone sealer, make sure that all the dirt, grease, and oil is removed from the stone. Try and use a power washer, or a hose, to wash the dirt away, and allow the surface to dry for 24 hours before you apply the sealer. Make sure that the efflorescence (whitish salt) is removed from the stone – which will take 30 to 60 days. One way is to use an efflorescence cleaner, and then let the floor dry for 24 hours before applying the sealer.
Make sure that the floor is completely dry when you apply the sealer, because moisture on the roller will cause a cloudy spot on the surface of the floor. To avoid this, make sure that you wear a headband to avoid any sweat from dripping on the roller.
One way to increase the durability of the sealer is to apply two thin coats, rather than one thick coat. This also reduces the possibility of the surface being ruined in the future.

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