Top Tips to Effective Rug Cleaning

Top Tips to Effective Rug Cleaning

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Carpets always adds a welcome sensation to your home. They also add a sense of warmth and adds color to your room, thereby making you feel homely. These rugs come in a variety of colors and it may range from your traditional design to a shaggy pile design. But, while adding a rug to your home, you must keep some things in mind, concerning the cleaning of the rugs. If you are adding carpets to your room, for the warmth and classy sensation it provides, you also need to ensure that you keep it clean and ensure it stays durable.

Rugs should be vacuumed every week. Besides vacuuming the rug, you should also turn the rug at least once a month, so that both the sides of the rug wears our evenly. Since, people tend to walk bare footed over the rug, to feel the warmth under their feet. Therefore, if you have a rug, in an area where there is high traffic, then you will notice that one side of the rug will wear out more than the other. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you should turn the rug to the opposite side at least once a month.

If you have children running around the house, and if you have pets, then there are bound to be spills, and therefore, if you have a rug, you should keep in handy some of the essential cleaning essentials in your cupboard. Spills and stains are going to happen, and there is at most nothing that you can do to stop accidents from happening. But, you may prepare for it, and can keep in hand the essential cleaning materials for rugs. These cleaning kits help efficiently clean the rug, and get rid of the spills quickly.

If you have children and pets, who are prone to spill and stains, you must keep a bucket ready, with all the cleaning essentials, so that, as soon as the spill happens, you can grab the bucket and start the work. The bucket should contain a clean and clear cloth, a bottle of spirits, that you can grab from any pharmacy, a cleaner that must be certified by the rug manufacturer and a little bit of ammonia and vinegar. This should be your bucket essentials. Be very careful when you choose your cleaner, since, some cleaners may also damage the quality of the rug.

The mixture of the cleaning solution with which you will clean the rug should contain about half a pint of water, preferably warm, a teaspoon of the cleaning agent for the rug, about one teaspoon of vinegar solution, and about one teaspoon of the ammonia solution, mixed with a cup of water. The would be your ultimate carpet cleaning solution. It is very important that, while cleaning that you don’t wet the rug completely. Always focus on the area of the stain, and not the full rug. Take the absorbent cloth, and first test the solution in to a small piece of the carpet to see if it’s actually working, or if the solution itself is creating any stains or not. If it is not, then it is safe to use.

Sometimes, you are too busy to wash your rug daily or weekly. In these conditions, it is better to call upon a professional service. They have better cleaning solutions, and they will take care of your carpet better than you can do. International Rug Gallery is an expert rug cleaning and servicing company in Ontario. Call them to know more about their quotes.