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Taking time off from work has been proven to be good for our health. Our bodies and our minds need to take a break from time to time. People who make sure to take time off are at less risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression. Regular rest actually leads to more productivity. It is possible to burn ourselves out. Unfortunately, Americans are really bad about taking time off. We work more than any other industrialized nation, and we also take less vacation time. Even though our society seems to highly encourage workaholism, the reality is that taking time off can help us get more–and better–work done. Sometimes, though, we just don’t have the time or money to afford a full-on vacation. There are a few ways to make a simple three-day weekend–or even an evening–into a restorative and rejuvenating time.

A short getaway

Even if you only have a couple days to take off, there are all kinds of options for taking a mini-vacation. If you’re feeling adventurous, see if there is a theme park near you, and take the day enjoying the rides. This is an especially great getaway for the middle of the week, because you’ll avoid all the crowds! If you live near a state park or some good hiking trails, take a couple days to go hiking and camping. Spend some time in nature, around a fire, moving your body. You’ll come home feeling refreshed and more in-tune with yourself. If you’re up for a little night life and socializing, check out a casino! Casino’s aren’t just places for slots and blackjack; Coos Bay Casino, for instance, provides entertainment, five bars and restaurants, and luxury lodgings for its guests. It’s an all-in-one getaway.

The spa

There’s probably a day spa right in your own neighborhood. Spas include a lot more than cucumber slices on the eyeballs; spas are dedicated to providing a calming atmosphere and promoting holistic health for their guests. Spas usually offer specialty massages, facials, hair salons, and body treatments (such as scrubs). Many spas offer packages that include several of these services, one right after another. There are also overnight spa options that may include high-end dining as well as classy lodging, to help seal the relaxation deal.

Luxury at home

Why not make a place for luxury right in your own home? You could hire a masseuse who does home visits to come and give you a massage in the comfort of your own living room. It may also be worth it to invest in a home pool or spa, so you can take a day splashing in the water or an evening soaking in the hot tub with a drink. Even taking a day to stay at home and do things that bring you joy–maybe gardening, watching a movie, or cooking–will help give you a calm break from your busy work schedule.