Indoor waterfall- pump maintenance

Indoor waterfall- pump maintenance

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It is quite simple to maintain your indoor waterfall if you keep certain things in your mind. What is required is regular cleaning with the help of a soft cloth, so that the unit remains in an excellent condition.

In case of a waterfall unit, a thorough maintenance is required for the pump and even more for the water. Humidity and evaporation can be fatal for the pump, if it is not properly monitored. During humidity, great amount of water loss occurs due to evaporation, which causes water to deplete in your fountain. This can severely damage your fountain. Water has to be filled up to the level daily to prevent this problem.

Pumps should work properly with regular maintenance and right level of water. Still, if problem doesn’t solve, one should take the pump apart and try cleaning it properly with a clean cloth. Every part should be cleaned neatly because dust, soil, other debris contained and settled in the water can get stuck in the pump which may be cause of it’s not working properly. To avoid such situation, try covering the pump with a soft fabric such as pantyhose or other equally effective cloth to prevent such particles from accumulating in the pump.

Another problem arises when waterfall’s pump start to suck in the air and starts creating noisy air bubbles. This situation arises when the water level is low. Inspection should be done properly to ensure that water level is adequate and pump is fully submerged. It will take a day or two for all bubbles to clear out of waterline.

In case of copper based waterfalls, copper must be polished periodically with wax in order to maintain it beauty. Special copper cleaner shouldn’t be used as it will tarnish the finish and remove the beautiful patina. Only recommended products should be used to ensure pristine and properly functioning water feature.

A pump should never be repaired while it is running, as it can lead to a deadly electric shock and also severely damage the waterfall.

In order to restart the pump, one should try turning the water feature off and on. A gentle tap may start the water again. If nothing works one should contact an expert immediately.

One should clean and completely drain the water in the waterfall for every four to six months. Use of distilled water is heavily recommended by the manufacturers instead of water from the faucet. Another thing which may affect the pump’s ability to work properly is the minerals deposits contained in the tap water. Water treatments in between the cleaning ensures that water is fresh. There are various products available in the market especially for water treatment.

Fountec is an EPA registered product which prevents in formation of algae without any harm done to the environment and animals. It is a highly effective product and also resistant to heat, sunlight and evaporation. Only a small dose of fountec is to be used because of its high concentration and ability to last several weeks.

Another product is protec which is widely used for maintaining the beauty of fountain surfaces. It is made of advance blend of organophosphate, which protects against calcium build-up and metallic stains. Its single dose lasts up to a month or long.