What Do You need To Know About A Document Management System?

What Do You need To Know About A Document Management System?

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A Document Management System is an easy file system that is regarded as an electronic filing system which is accompanied by a framework for organizing paper and digital documents. This managing system works along with a scanner which is useful for generating a digital version of a paper document. Making use of a sophisticated search engine, it allows its users to search and access a file in no time. It is an ideal system for both small and large business organization to maintain and manage their vital documents and files.

Functionalities of Document Management System

1) DMS is capable of storing all types of file like word documents, excel sheet documents, Powerpoint presentations, PDF documents and more.

2) It also has a capability of retrieving previous versions of a file too. If a word document was converted to PDF form, then it can retrieve word documents as well.

3) It uses Role-based access control (RBCA) that restrict any third party to access sensitive business information.

4) It enables its users to search a huge file library using individual keywords of a file for quick access to the file.

5) It also has monitoring functionality that keeps a track of views on a file and also keeps a track of edits made by them.

6) It allows mobile device users to access, edit and share relevant file or document.

7) Regulating and controlling deletion of outdated files and documents.

Benefits of DMS to system users

1) Easy access to files and documents from the computer instead of a search in a huge pile of physical documents.

2) Quick search of files in a system via file keyword to find the specific file without any hassle

3) Easy collaboration feature that helps employees to work as a team.

4) Enhanced security features like RBCA that allows only verified users to access the file. It also uses security feature to keep a track of viewership and editing on the documents.

5) Space Saver as it saves the paper document into their digital forms and can be edit for an immensely growing business.

6) File and Document Recovery from disasters considering the online storage which can be damaged easily.

How to choose ideal DMS for your purpose

There are a variety of variations among the DMS and none of them are made similar to other. You need to focus on each of their features and choose the best DMS that will serve well based on your business organization requirement. Here are factors to consider while choosing a DMS

1) Ease of use

2) File structure

3) Searching Option

4) Mobile access

5) Scanning functions

6) Security level

7) Integration possibilities

DMS in public sector

1) Around 68% of the organizations have approached for DMS

2) 37% of the organization has implemented DMS

3) The automated DMS has features like retrieval records, Digitized forms, electronic routing and error recognizing

4) They give 3 S- security, saving and storage