History of Armored Cars

History of Armored Cars

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Long gone is the time when the image of an armoured car was a huge tank that was covered in bullet-proof glass and metal. Along with this image, the idea that these cars were to be used only by army and government officials is also gone. In the present day, armoured cars are owned by a diverse selection of people ranging from politicians to film stars and businessmen. Armoured cars are no longer a rare sighting in cities and a report stated that there are over a hundred thousand armoured cars roaming road all around the world.

Armoured cars are not a modern invention. In fact, there have been records of drawings and sketches of armour plated cars since the time of Leonardo da Vinci in 1485. This is even before the time that the first combustion engine was thought of and discovered!

When the First World War took the world by storm, countries built vehicles that would withstand the onslaught of enemies during war. It was during this time that army vehicles were covered in sheets of metal plating that could withstand the weight of weapons. Additionally, some of these vehicles were also made in such a way that they would help as an offense vehicle instead of just a defence. The most noticeable armoured vehicles were those engineered by the Germans who went ahead to build armoured vehicles like tractors to transport war supplies and weapons.

Historically, American presidents have utilised armoured cars as a part of their security detail for even short distances. The current car being used for the protection of Presidents takes its inspiration from the armoured Cadillac belonging to President Ronal Reagan.

With the passage of time and leaps and bounds in the field of technology, armoured cars have seen a revamping and revolution since 2000. Just like any other car, armoured cars today are fitted with all electronic features. It has also become easier to navigate these cars because the amount of metal being used on it has been made lighter but stronger.

Additionally, when it comes to designing armoured cars, there is no one fixed formula. The metal plating of each armoured car is fitted in perfectly with the design of the car so that the car does not suffer any design flaws which could hamper its functioning. The evolution of technology and new innovative ideas have made these cars stronger, more resilient, and functioning to the optimal level like never before.

Armouring for vehicles can be found for any car ranging from a family Toyota Landcruiser to the sleek and stylish Mercedes Maybach. Once you find a reputed car armouring company, they will take your car to their service centre and armour each part individually. But, before you give your car away, make sure that the centre is properly certified and licensed and has an excellent reputation in the market. It is a good idea to ask for recommendations and seek prior customer reviews before signing the deal.