4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Security Surveillance System

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Security Surveillance System

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If you’re a successful business owner, most of your life likely surrounds the needs of running a well-oiled machine. But you’re also smart enough to know that one loose cog can make the entire system crumble. Proper security is essential to keep your business solid and stable year after year. You don’t necessarily need every option under the sun, but you’ll definitely get burned quickly if you avoid investing in a good camera surveillance system. But why is security surveillance so important to a successful business?

Video Surveillance Can Deter Crime Inside and Out

Crime and theft are serious concerns for any business, but far too many business owners forget about the threat of employee theft. While that only involves around 7% of annual theft, the fact is that 95% of businesses suffer from internal theft, and 75% of employees steal from work at least once. Overall, that leads to an average of $50 billion in U.S. employee theft each year. Adding a camera surveillance system to your business can help weed out the problem from the inside-out to help control both employee and customer theft.

Video Surveillance Can Increase Business Operations

With all the responsibilities as a business owner, few bosses have the ability or desire to babysit their employees every minute of the workday. And no one should have to. But employees are human and humans by nature like to cut corners. While some are understandable, cutting too many can negatively affect productivity. Adding professional video surveillance cameras to your business can give your employees the motivation they need to pick up the pace or stay on task while giving you a break from watching their every move. The time and money you save can help open up your creativity to improve your business growth in other ways.

Video Surveillance Can Reduce Harassment and Lawsuits

It may not be the 1950s anymore, but sexual harassment is still a major issue in the workplace. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), approximately 13% of workers file harassment claims annually. But other reports suggest only one-third of incidents are actually reported. Add that to slip and fall incidents and potential frivolous lawsuits that may attack your reputation and bottom line, and your business may be a sinking ship in no time. The right security such as security guards and electronic cameras can easily and effectively keep you afloat.

The Right Security Measures Can Potentially Reduce Your Insurance Rates

Modern insurance companies consider several aspects when evaluating potential business risks. Positive aspects may include employees wearing proper footwear or a dedicated safety or slip and fall programs set in place to offset injuries. But an especially positive aspect is the addition of professional security systems such as security guards and electronic cameras. By providing proper security, you’re telling insurance companies you prioritize customer and employee safety as well as the growth of your business. The results are often better premium rates. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact Korner Security, your security guard and camera surveillance system expert.