7 Benefits of the Nova Plus Portable Analyzer

7 Benefits of the Nova Plus Portable Analyzer

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Analyzing a variety of factors with gases is an important part of many industrial enterprises. Doing this accurately and effectively requires the right equipment. Nova has developed a portable analyzer that answers to these two requirements and more.

Wide Range Gas Analyzer

The Nova Plus Portable Analyzer is one of the more comprehensive on the market. It is a fully rechargeable hand-held device that analyzes up to eight different types of gases. It accounts for humidity, air pressure, flow, dew point, and more.

Long Battery Life and Wireless Recharging

It is powered by a long-lasting Li-Ion battery that offers up to 20 hours of analyzing tasks. Once the battery approaches the need for recharging, simply place it in the available cradle and it will recharge wirelessly.

Wireless Bluetooth Operation

The Bluetooth capabilities of this Nova analyzer gives you complete portable capabilities. It is the perfect analytical tool to take out in the field, at any location.

Computes and Stores Information

Two of the best features of the Nova Plus portable analyzer is that it does all of the computations needed on demand. You do not have to add long hours of physical computation or training to the list. The Nova unit will store all of the data until you can print it out, or remove it via USB or Bluetooth access.

Accurate and Reliable Results

The software of the Nova Plus is fast and dependable for reliable results. The accuracy is guaranteed and allows you to feel complete confidence in decisions made based on field analysis.

Customizable Screens

The screen for the Nova Plus is touch sensitive and fully customizable to fit the data you need. You do not have to waste valuable time sifting through unnecessary data requests.

Durable and Dirt Resistant Keypad

Durability is an added benefit when it comes to gathering data out in the field. The unit and keypad are resistant to dirt and it comes with a sturdy case to keep the sensitive internal parts well-protected.

Every aspect of gases must undergo analysis to ensure that safety and quality are maintained in any industry that deals with computing all of the basic elemental factors. The Nova Plus portable analyzer combines accuracy and durability for true field mobility.