Teaching Kids Firearm Safety

Teaching Kids Firearm Safety

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The 2nd amendment right allows citizens the right to own firearms. However, it is important to learn how to operate firearms and ensure safety when having them around, especially with kids.

Personal safety and respect for the firearm are very important. Popular media is known to have bad influences with scenes like mishandling firearms and operating them irresponsibly, it is crucial for kids to be taught the right way to handle them. Some aspects of personal safety that children need to be taught first and foremost are-

  • All guns should be treated as if they are loaded
  • Do not approach any gun without an adult present
  • If you see a gun, find an adult and let them know
  • If you see a gun unsecured at a friend’s home, ask an adult to secure the weapon
  • If no one is available or willing to secure a weapon, leave the area immediately and let your parents know
  • Do not tell your friends if your parents have a gun in the home
  • NEVER touch a gun without an adult’s consent and supervision

Kids should be often quizzed about these guidelines to make sure they are well embedded with them. They should be asked practical questions like- “If I check my gun and say it is not loaded, then hand it to you, is it loaded?” They would usually answer “No, it’s not loaded” and one would point out that unless they had checked the weapon themselves, they could not be sure it was not loaded.

The parents of the kids should be consulted first and be acquainted with the fire arms lessons their kids are going to receive. They should be made familiar with the rules to know whether they agree with them or object and moreover can monitor their kids accordingly when it comes to firearm safety.

It is in misuse and carelessness of handling weapons that accidents happen. The biggest trick is to teach respect of firearms without introducing fear of them. Although guns are dangerous and can kill, the chances of being killed or injured by a weapon that no one is touching are pretty much non-existent.

When a kid is learning the working of a firearm, they should be made familiar with all the different components of the weapon, their names and functions and also how to clean the weapon after firing. The most important thing to be taught to kids is that firearms are not weapons to attack but to defend.

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