December 7, 2019

The Cat Allure

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Cats are lovable creatures that have intrigued their human masters for eons. Domestic cats are said to have first become companions for humans back in ancient Egypt, where they were admired for their elegance and their mysterious nature. Cats were seen not only as entertaining and affectionate companions, but they also served as good workers in Egypt, by getting rid of rodents that could destroy the grain supply. Ever since then, cats have been a welcome presence in many homes all across the world, and they continue to be valued for their graceful movements, beautiful eyes, and playful nature.

Cat Care

Cats are relatively easy pets to take care of, especially when compared to dogs, but they do require a commitment. Cats can use a litter box, which makes taking care of their waste clean and easy. Cats need to stay in a stable home environment, however, and they don’t like to travel or be moved around very much. They require low stress handling, so they can stay calm. Any big changes in the home environment can cause stress for a cat, so it’s important to be careful when introducing another pet into the home, especially another cat. Cats have their territories carefully worked out, and they don’t like to feel threatened. A stressed out cat can start marking the home by urinating on furniture, which is obviously a difficult situation to deal with. Luckily, there are some remedies for this type of behavior, like infusers that emit a calming essence that helps cats relax and feel more safe if they have been “threatened.”

Though cats are generally very active at night and for part of the day, they do sleep a great deal, which makes them relaxing to be around. Cats are also very committed to their grooming routine, which keeps them clean, but also prone to coughing up hairballs.

Yes, some people do prefer the friendliness of dogs over cats, but for many cat owners, nothing can compare to the intrigue and mystery of a feline friend.