November 17, 2019

The Road To Better Vision

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If you have trouble seeing or you experience headaches while you’re trying to read or watch television, then you might want to consider having an eye exam. During the exam, the doctor will look at your eyes to determine if there are any issues with the cornea or the retina. Special drops are usually put in your eyes to dilate them so that the doctor can get a better view of the health of your eyes. You will usually need to read a chart that has letters and numbers on it to determine your vision. Depending on the lines that you can read, the doctor might write a prescription for glasses. As long as there are no issues with your eyes, then contacts are often an option if you don’t want to wear glasses.

An eye exam Columbia MD doctors perform often begins with talking about why you think you need glasses and the symptoms that you’re experiencing. Even if you don’t have any symptoms that might warrant wearing corrective lenses, you should have an eye exam every one to two years depending on the optic history of your family. If you have diabetes or other illnesses, then you might want to have your eyes examined more often as some illnesses can lead to blindness.

The doctor will usually look for conditions like glaucoma and cataracts. If there are signs of these conditions, then the proper treatment plans can be put in place. If you already wear glasses but feel that they aren’t strong enough, then take them with you to your appointment. The doctor can usually write a stronger prescription so that you have something to help with your vision. During the exam, the strength of your muscles will be examined as well as how your pupils react to light and stimulation.