The Importance of a Travel Adapter When Travelling Overseas

The Importance of a Travel Adapter When Travelling Overseas

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Trapped in an unfamiliar environment, and your phone’s battery runs out! What if you are not able to charge it again and are stuck? It could be one of our worst nightmares. These days our smartphone stores every detail and is the most important thing to communicate with. Especially when we are on our trips, this device comes in handy as it stores all the information from hotels  and flight tickets to contact numbers. If you are unable to charge your device in another country, it could prove to be a big probem for you.

Many different countries would have different types of the electrical outlet which might not be compatible with your chargers. Also in many countries, the voltage flow could also be different which could add to the problems. In these situations, an adapter becomes of prime importance and could be very helpful while traveling to another country. A quick search on the internet could tell you the voltage and outlets which are usually present in the country and comparing it to your own area, you could decide which kind of adapter would you need.

You could get these adapters in any common electronic store or you could buy it online and save a little money on your purchase. This is not limited to only smartphones, but other electronic devices like digital cameras and laptops also would have different needs. Don’t let these barriers run your devices on low power which could keep you from capturing and enjoying the beautiful moments of your trip.

  • Know the difference: If you have been using the word transformer and adapter interchangeably, you have been doing it all wrong. These two have different functions and it is imperative that you understand the difference before making a purchase. You might have seen an adapter which generally does the function of connecting the foreign electrical outlet to your device. The male plug of that adapter is supposed to match the shape of the outlet of that particular country.

This would make it possible to connect the adapter to the outlet. This adapter should have a female plug which is compatible with your device. All it does is connect the original electrical outlet with the device acting as a mediator and making them compatible.

In some of the cases, the electricity supplied through these wall outlets might not be what your device would require. With this fluctuation in voltage, if the device is forcibaly charged with an incompatible voltage frequency, it might cause permanent damage to the device. Although some chargers can work on multiple frequencies, but if there is a big difference between the voltage required and supplied, the charging might not work. A transformer simply uses the inflow and changes it into the desired output according to the compatibility. So if you have an outlet which isn’t compatible, you should go for an adapter and a transformer if the voltage supplied is different.

Being aware of such facts and the requirements before traveling could save you a lot of trouble while traveling. Carrying an adapter would make sure there would be no surprises when you reach the destination.