November 17, 2019

Understand Your Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain can be very debilitating. You have difficulty doing the things you need to do and everything you enjoy. Whether the origin of your pain is from an old injury, arthritis or fibromyalgia, chronic pain treatment Jacksonville FL can help you get it under control.

Finding the Best Approach

There are different chronic pain management treatment options. The key is finding the right one or combination of treatments for you. An appointment with your doctor is the first step to determining the cause of your pain. From there, an effective treatment plan can be developed to give you relief.

Each Person Experiences Pain Differently

An individualized assessment and approach is important. People experience pain differently, even if they are diagnosed with the same condition. What is true for everyone is the real physical experience they have with pain.

Pain gets measured by a person’s perception of what they are feeling. Emotions can modify what the brain perceives as pain. For example, a person who is fearful of pain will have a totally different experience than someone who has learned to withstand pain.

Treating the Mind and Body to Manage Pain

Difference is in experiences does not negate the reality of what you are feeling. Approaching treatment options by considering your physical and emotional state can lead to successful outcomes.

One very important tool for chronic pain treatment Jacksonville FL is medication. Doctors have many options for prescribing pain medication. It is important to closely monitor your reaction if your doctor prescribes an opioid. You do not want to develop more serious problems from trying to feel better.

Pain Management Through Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a very important part of chronic pain treatment. However, exercises that are not done correctly can worsen your pain. You want to work with a physical therapist who knows how to tailor an exercise regimen for your condition without exacerbating the problem.

Proper exercise helps to build your tolerance while reducing the pain you experience. This ensures you do not overdo something designed to heal.

Never let someone’s definition of pain keep you from getting treatment. Seek help for your chronic pain before it destroys your ability to function.