November 17, 2019

What To Do if a Loved One Is Detained by Immigration

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Immigration is a long and complex process, sometimes by design, which does not always go the way you want it to. Sometimes a friend or family member is detained by immigration enforcement pending a court date and it can be overwhelming to think about what you need to do to help. The three most important things you can do are to stay calm, get professional help and show support.

Stay Calm

The first step you should take is to stay calm. You are more use to your friend or loved one if you can think clearly and move quickly. You may not always be in a position to be the one to legally help your loved one, but if you can stay calm you can better help those who are.

Get Professional Help

Your next step is to find and secure professional help with the case. This can be in the form of an attorney, a non-profit and an immigration bond stroudsburg pa company. These firms can help you navigate the process from getting a bond set and paid for to understanding what happens and when. With a bond, your friend or loved one can be released from detention until their court date and the case is settled. With a lawyer, they can be more likely to gain citizenship than if they were to try it on their own.

Show Support

The most important step, however, is to show support for your loved one every step of the way. Let them know that they are not alone and that you will help when you can. This can mean baby-sitting when court dates come up or offering a ride to and from the courthouse. It can also mean setting up meetings with lawyers and helping to translate for those who do not speak English.

With the help of some legal professionals, you can better navigate the immigration process and help a friend or loved one who has been detained. You can find help in many different places so that you can stay calm and show support for your family or friends.