November 17, 2019

Why Posting Bail May Be the Smartest Move You Ever Make

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Waking up behind jail bars is nobody’s idea of a good time. If you’re in that position, however, the price of getting bailed out might seem prohibitive. But voluntarily staying in jail can actually hurt your chances of a favorable courtroom outcome. Posting bail to restore your freedom while your case works its way through the courts is a smart move for number of reasons.

Being Out on Bail Lets You Keep Your Job

Nothing can upend your life like losing your job. Once you’re bailed out of jail, you can continue working, pay your bills and support your family. And when you return to court to face your charges? Holding a steady job lets the judge know that you’re doing your best to be responsible and make a meaningful social contribution.

Being Out on Bail Lets You Search for Good Legal Representation

Remaining behind bars and being assigned a public defender automatically dooms you to inadequate legal representation. As dedicated as they are, public defenders simply have too many caseloads to give their full attention to each one.

Getting released on bail frees you to find your own attorney who specializes in defending the offenses you’ve been charged with.

Getting Bailed Out Won’t Cost as Much as You First Think

Your bail amount depends on the seriousness of your alleged offense. For felonies, the median bail in the United States is $10,000. If you’re like most of us, the chances of having that much money readily available are slim to none. That’s where a licensed bail bond agent such as this bail bond company in Beaver County, PA comes in.

For a non-refundable fee that’s only 10 to 15 percent of your assigned bail, a bail bond agent will arrange your release from jail. You can return to your normal life with no worries about hanging on to your job or family.

Considering the alternative, it’s a very small price to pay!