December 6, 2019

Work on Demand for Semi Drivers

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If you’re trying to make it as an independent driver, knowing where to go for work is the first order of business. There are a lot of types of transportation you can specialize in, and finding the right type of transportation for your skills is paramount. There is a lot of money to be made if you are willing to take on the right challenge, but not everyone is cut out for an extreme driving job like long-distance supply runs up north. Sometimes, you just want something regular you can count on. That’s why you need to know where to go to find truck loads available for bids from independent contractors. There are a couple places to look online for these listings, and each has its own appeal.

Hopper Loads and Grain Transport

Feed grain is in demand across the country, and often it’s easier to grow it in climates where it’s less efficient to keep the animals. Even when that’s not the case, you still need to bring the load from the feed grower to the farmer raising livestock, and that’s where your services come in. There are a lot of farmers out there sourcing the best prices they can get. There are also grain loads going to food manufacturing facilities and bakeries, making everything from corn syrup sweeteners to whole grain snacks and fresh bread. It’s a big industry, with a relatively consistent protocol for safely handling the cargo.

Long-Distance Equipment and Cargo Delivery

This niche is a bit more competitive, both because it’s widely popularized and because professional drivers with smaller trucks can find their place in it. The owner-operators working in this niche have to be nimble, because each job requires a different approach to securing the cargo. They also need high-order task management skills because it’s not rare to find them carrying multiple deliveries across country to the same state. The upside is that this niche has more variety, and you can sub-specialize in things like furniture, industrial equipment delivery, or consumer goods, offering a challenge to those who want one.