Idolize Your Favorite Athletes? Here’s How You Can Feel Closer To Them

Idolize Your Favorite Athletes? Here’s How You Can Feel Closer To Them

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Most people idolize celebrities in one way or another, and for a lot of us that means popular athletes. There’s just something impossibly admirable about the figures who excel most at the sports we love. We imagine playing sports like they do, we imagine their lifestyles, and we enjoy watching them play about as much as anything. Some people find this kind of attention to be a little much, but really there’s nothing improper about it. There’s certainly nothing wrong with being a fan, and in some cases it can even inspire you to seek amusement or self-betterment where you might not have otherwise.

With that in mind, here are a few fun things you can do to feel a little bit closer to the athletes you idolize.

Hit The Gym

One reason we idolize these figures is that in a way they tend to represent the very best of the human race – at least from a standpoint of physical capability. Professional athletes are incredibly fit, and tend to stay that way for years at a time. They do it partially through access to full training staffs and cutting edge equipment, and for that reason you might not ever be able to attain their level. But getting more exercise, whether at the local YMCA or through a personal trainer that comes to your home, can at least help you feel like you’re following a similar path. You might even be able to find specific workout plans suggested by your favorite athletes.

Go Watch In Person

This is easier said than done, particularly if you don’t happen to live near where your favorite athletes play. But it’s still the best way to gain a closer connection to the sports figures you admire most. Plus, finding tickets to sporting events has never been easier. There are multiple online aggregator tools that make secondhand ticket sales intuitive and affordable. With a little bit of planning and initiative, you can get yourself pretty good seats to most any sporting event around.

Heed Their Sponsorships


You don’t need to go overboard in this regard, in that it’s silly to buy products you don’t actually need. But when you do need something, it can deepen your connection to a favorite athlete to take a look at whatever version of that something he or she sponsored. Whether that means heading to the local car dealership to check out the latest vehicle being advertised by an NBA star, or shopping for a new watch sported by tennis and golf pros, it’s worth keeping in mind. Sports stars are always promoting one item or another, and more often than not they seem to have great taste.

Get In On The Action

If you’re passionate about a given athletic figure, chances are you already feel closer to the action when he or she is playing. But for a lot of fans, special promotions and bets represent a way to get even closer to a contest. For instance, just recently online gamers had the chance to “score” by picking the Champions League winner. Countless sports fans undoubtedly cashed in when the Warriors won the NBA Finals. And a month from now fans around the world will be wagering on which star tennis players will triumph on the beautiful grasses of Wimbledon. Betting always carries some risk, of course, but even a small bet can help you to feel closer to the action.

All of this ought to help you feel closer than ever to your favorite athletes. It might sound like a bit much to some, but if you’ve ever truly idolized a sports figure, it should all make perfect sense.